Pickering Transport Group celebrates 60 years

Pickering Transport Group wanted something special

to celebrate their upcoming 6o years in business. Well, together I think we came up with a unique way to mark the occasion!


Pickering Transport Group's 2014 calendar image

Pickering Transport Group’s 2014 calendar image

Working from a crane, prime movers were carefully arranged to form a ‘6’ & a ‘0’. The day was a lot of fun and great team effort by all involved! The drivers showed great patience and a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude, something that seems to also be their motto!

This image will be featured in the new Pickering Transport Group annual calendar for 2014.

Real Estate & Builder’s Architectural Photos

We all love to see great homes and maybe aspire to buy or upgrade…one day.

Well, we in a small way help, by providing ‘no compromise’ beautiful architectural photos of some of the best homes & buildings in our region, something we have done for many years. G J Gardner Homes for instance has had great success, receiving many awards and we think our collaboration has been a great help.

Real Estate PMA

PRD Mildura is another company we have been providing great photos and service and helped establish them as one of the region’s major real estate firms. Their website features many of our photos.

So if you wondered what it takes to also get great images & service the answer is easy…just give us a call! As they say, you will be so glad you did.

Website Design…yes we do that too!

Due to popular requests we are now creating websites for our customers.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay the earth to get a great website, one that is designed well, looks great and best of all, the client ends up managing their updates and posts.

Check out our Adorable Images website to see what a simple & cost effective website can look like.

Don’t pay $1000’s ask us jus how affordable it can be.

Bushfires & Floods!

We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the people throughout Australia affected by the recent and devastating bushfires and flooding.

Australian floods 2013

Australian floods 2013

Bushfires have ravaged the land and homes of many families throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania over the past month, as destructive floods affected people throughout Queensland and New South Wales for the second time in only 2 years.

Emergency workers and rescue staff have worked tirelessly to respond to calls for help and protect people and properties affected by these extreme weather events.

Apart from the loss of physical belongings and property, the psychological impact of such events can be very damaging, especially if people are hurt or lose a friend or family member from fatal injury.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery, and hope that with community and government support, you will be able to start rebuilding and resuming normal life as soon as possible.

Drama at the Push of a Button

To launch the TV channel TNT in Belgium a big red push button was placed in an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. Discover here what happened.

LaTrobey Road…the Beatles live!

Couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with this images taken at the inaugural LaTrobe University Mildura Campus Grand Parade

…quite a mouth full!

LaTrobey Road

Maybe one of them should have gone barefoot..ha!

LaTrobe Graduation photos now on our PMA website

With our new on-line ordering system, we have all of this year’s Latrobe Graduation photos up & ready to view. Following the huge success of our Ulysses AGM and over 5000 photos in our galleries, we decided to include all our large events in the gallery.

LaTrobe University Mildura campus

LaTrobe University Mildura campus

We have had such a great response, we have had to increase our bandwidth due to the enormous number of hits…over 35Gb in just over 2 weeks, with the site crashing at one point, for only half an hour thankfully!

Phew, what a busy week with the Ulysses AGM in town!

Thanks Ulyssesians for a great week!

We hope we got some great images of you all. We are busy getting all the on-site photos that have been ordered during the week organised and out the door and should be arriving later next week, although with the Easter Holidays, we have to allow a few extra days.

Ulysses Mildura AGMWhat a week at the Ulysses Mildura AGM

Our website will also soon have ‘all’ the photos up and ready for viewing via our www.photo-media .com.au website. You will be able to browse at your leisure and not suffer our ‘sauna’ marquee where some of you did endure wait times and the heat (sorry about that)…Mildura really did turn on some great weather so we can’t complain too much!

We will send out emails when our on-line galleries are up & running so stay tuned and stay safe on those roads!

Happy Travels, Evan

Would You Like Cancer With Your Coke?

it's the real thing!The Coca-Cola Company doesn’t like it, but it’s removing the caramel coloring from Coke due to California declaring the compound to be a carcinogen.

Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo Inc are making changes to the production of this ingredient in their namesake colas to avoid the need to label the packages with a cancer warning.

The question is, when will Coke and Pepsi make these changes around the world, not just in California?

Would You Like Cancer With Your Coke? original link

Ulysses Club AGM to be held in Mildura 26th March till 1st April 2012. Photo Media official Photographers!

ulysses club mildura agm harley studio photography

ulysses club, harley, studio photography, photo media australia

Photo Media Australia is very proud to be chosen as official photographers for this year’s Ulysses Club’s annual general meeting to be held this year in sunny Mildura between 26th March till 1st April 2012.

We will be offering a wide range of specialised photography including arrivals, tours, events, aerials and also location ‘studio’ style portraits of owners & their beloved bikes! It’s sure to be an awesome week and I’m sure Mildura will turn on a great time for everyone. Please contact us for any event details and check out the official site, here.

We will also have a large marquee set up on site where we will offer studio style photography on site! Just wheel your bike in and have that fantastic bike photo you’ve dreamed about. Photos can also include owners and don’t worry, we can ‘retouch’ them to make sure you look ‘fantastic’ too! Order any enlargements and we will post them to you or simply buy a disc with your images and print them when you get home.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Ulysses Club AGM right here in Mildura.