Bushfires & Floods!

We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the people throughout Australia affected by the recent and devastating bushfires and flooding.

Australian floods 2013

Australian floods 2013

Bushfires have ravaged the land and homes of many families throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania over the past month, as destructive floods affected people throughout Queensland and New South Wales for the second time in only 2 years.

Emergency workers and rescue staff have worked tirelessly to respond to calls for help and protect people and properties affected by these extreme weather events.

Apart from the loss of physical belongings and property, the psychological impact of such events can be very damaging, especially if people are hurt or lose a friend or family member from fatal injury.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery, and hope that with community and government support, you will be able to start rebuilding and resuming normal life as soon as possible.

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