Of course we Photoshop!

You’re so beautiful it’s unreal! Yes, of course we can ‘fix’ that! Check out this video by Jesse Rosten.

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Yes we do video!

I wonder if they travel? They could help on our next ‘big’ project.

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Hot Properties

Everyone gets bored doing the same thing …..that why I like my job! We are lucky to have a wide range of ‘varied’ work to keep us busy and as they say, ‘variety is the spice of life’!

New homes, established homes are always changing owners and what better than some classy photos to show what’s on offer. We help Builders and Real Estate Agents show the best aspects of a home making their job a bit easier when it’s time to advertise.

Quick turn around and gorgeous homes!

Real Estate
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San Fran, just like Melbourne…..sorta….plus Alcatraz!

Okay, there’s a lot more hills, very steep hills but I couldn’t help thinking San Francisco shares a lot with Melbourne, Australia, my home city.

Both are very cosmopolitan, have similar climates, have trolleys/trams but mostly they share that ‘culture’ thing; great architecture, a focus on the arts and I believe a tolerant, welcoming community. Even the homeless seem to take it in their stride and smile lots…well the one’s I saw anyway!

Sure, it’s certainly a tourist mecca but with good reason, with lots of interesting things to see & do and not necessarily the typical tourist fodder, although most ‘attractions’ make sure you are conveniently led through the gift shop to add to the endless trinkets, justifying your visit and to jog your memory long after you’re home.

My fav was Alcatraz. Starting with the short boat trip across the icy San Fran Bay with it’s rapids like current, you know it’s gunna be memorable. After spilling onto the dock amongst the next gaggle of happy-snappers and chaffing at the bit to go explore before enduring the mandatory, ‘Welcome to Alcatraz’ induction,  you are finally set free…well sort of.

The best way, and what I assume 99% do, is plonk on the headphones and follow the self guided, audio tour which is included in the admission. It really is well done and you come away with a great sense of what the “Rock” was all about; the day to day existence, the isolation, the harshness but mainly the coldness, physically & mentally of such an internment.

Funny, they had warm showers so the inmates didn’t get used to ‘cold’ water but it still didn’t deter 14 escape attempts with number 13 being the focus of the Sean Connery movie; it’s still debated if the three real escapees ‘made it’ or just drowned, never to be seen again.

My advice, make sure you check it out, …just don’t fall off the ferry!

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Oops just ran out of ink!


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Watch Discovery’s Final Launch From An Airplane

An unusual view of the last shuttle’s launch from a plane flying out of Orlando…too bad it wasn’t next month when I’m there!

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Beaten by the company who works for free

You just gotta laugh about this. When you loose a job due to so called ‘competitors’ low balling their quotes or worse giving away their work for free. Yes, it’s happened to us locally and still does. With new people coming to this region and offering to do jobs for free or at under cost.

They try to get started this way and when they soon realize they can’t survive, they start increasing their rates only to find it’s too late or the client suddenly finds the next sucker willing to work for free! True professionals, who consider all the costs involved when quoting really can’t and won’t compete solely on cost.

An old work colleague used to call it “prostituting themselves” which about sums it up!

If you, as a client get a very low priced quote, maybe you should consider what you are really getting; are they really experienced in what you need, can they get the job done quickly & efficiently and not waste your time, will they spend the time required to do a good job, will they guarantee their work and offer after sales service, etc???

For those willing to prostitute themselves, maybe you should consider how underselling your skills undermines and decreases the true value offered by professionals. It’s funny but you wouldn’t want the cheapest priced quote for something like brain surgery! Show a little back bone and charge what the job should be and let’s keep our area of expertise professional and most importantly, sustainable.

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A few images

Commercial Photography
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– the broadcast chain – MacVideo –

Quality…good enough???

Found an interesting article about the state of video equipment and how good consumer stuff is getting. However, let’s not forget it’s not about the ‘tools’ it’s what you do with them! A good camera operator can make a BIG difference!

article link to….The rubbish of it all – the broadcast chain

filming behind the scenes of The Social Network...on a "Red" camera!!!

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Foggy Morning!

Woke to a very foggy morning here in Mildura…just like winter only warm!

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